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The crazy red-head with a green and yellow les paul

Miss Volatile
27 February
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I'm a one girl band and I like to get my hands on every instrument I can. This is my public journal and it will consist of my writing, news on the upcoming CD release of Chameleon, and new photography. Occassionally, I will post bouts of my sick sense of humor, but most of my venting and day to day gripes will be reserved for my personal journal. Please send me an email if you are interested in being added to that monstrosity. (my personal life isn't very interesting although certain stalkers seem to think so) Sometimes I will post bits of short stories I am working on. In addition to being a musician, I am a digital photographer, college instructor, video editor, and a graphic designer. I may post pictures of guitars I want or guitars I bought on a whim. I have a tendency to do this and you'll have to put up with my obsession with guitars if you are to read this on a regular basis. You will also be the first to know when a new song is out and you can pick it apart if you'd like.

Musicians, photographers, models (18+ only please), videographers, and pretty much any type of artist is welcome to add this journal. If you have talent, I'm looking to collaborate with you. All I ask is that you aren't an ass.
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